At GAW Distribution & Trading company, we’ve been providing second to none commodities services in the State of Florida for over 40 years. Commodities require specialized forms of transportation and storage, and in-depth experience in the logistics of specific commodities. That’s where GAW Distribution & Trading Company comes in. We’ve dealt with just about every commodity that could be commonly traded across the state of Florida. From dry feed for livestock to Idaho Potato flakes for human consumption, and just about anything else you could need to be transported or stored. GAW Distribution & Trading company can help provide premier logistics management to ensure that your commodities are transported and stored exactly to your specifications.

Bulk Grain Commodities

In the United States, millions of pounds of bulk grain are traded every single day. In fact, the US is the largest grain exporter in the world, making up 25% of all grain exports. With this much grain throughout the country, it’s important to have a service you can trust to transport and store bulk grain in your backyard. GAW Distribution & Trading has been offering bulk grain transportation and storage in Florida since 1971 when much of the state was controlled by agriculture. Even though Florida isn’t the agriculture center it used to be, there are still many farms and food producers that require bulk grain throughout the state. Through our experience and expertise, we’ll ensure that your bulk grain is transported, and cared for as best as possible while under our watch. Additionally, with weather protection and 24/7 security, issues arising from the unexpected are completely overruled.

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Food Grade Dry Bulk Transportation Services

Dry bulk transportation services can be a nightmare to find in Florida and much of the Southeast United States. This is due to generally high humidity in the region. Additionally, many transporters and warehouses don’t have the proper equipment to keep your products in the dry, moisture-free environment they should be in. Farms, grocery stores, pharmacies, and cosmetic companies all require food grade dry bulk transportation services at some point. Trust GAW Distribution & Trading Company to provide your food grade dry bulk transportation service of choice throughout the state of Florida.

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Commodities Services For Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, And More

Many major industries require commodities services, and GAW has experience in just about all of them. With 40 plus years of experience transporting and storing all different kinds of commodities, it’s tough to find something that we haven’t dealt with. At GAW Distribution and Trading Company, we most often deal with the agriculture industry. This is simply since these are the industries that most often require food grade dry bulk storage and transportation. But, we can handle any sort of commodities services - not only dry goods. Curious to know if we offer commodities services for your industry or field? Give us a call at 305.953.7700 or contact us online to learn more.

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Choose GAW Trading & Distribution Company As Your Commodities Service of Choice In Florida

With over 30 years of experience in Commodities services throughout the state of Florida, we’ve established a great understanding and expertise of the transporting and warehousing process of many different commodities. Curious to know how experienced we are in your industry in particular? Give us a call at 305.953.7700 or contact us online to learn more.

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