Flexibility is an incredibly important part of successfully navigating the rapidly changing warehousing and logistics industry. At GAW Distribution & Trading Company, we’ve known this for over 30 years. GAW Distribution & Trading Company provides top-notch warehousing services, centrally located in Miami-Dade county, but servicing the entire state of Florida. Miami-Dade County is a great choice for our warehouse because much of Florida’s population is located in South Florida. Additionally, this strategic location gives us access to anywhere in the state, including the Keys, in at most, half a day by truck. If you’re looking for second to none warehousing services in the State of Florida, look no further than GAW Distribution & Trading Company.

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Our Warehouse

At GAW Distribution & Trading Company, our warehouse has the capability to receive and store any product possible. We’re a registered USDA Food Grade warehouse, so you can rest easy knowing that your products are being stored in a clean, safe, and regulated environment. Additionally, our warehouses can be used for both short-term and long-term storage. We also offer full-service Drayage and cross-docking services.

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Distribution Warehouse

GAW Distribution & Trading Company offers distribution warehouse services throughout the state of Florida. Distribution warehouses are an integral part of the supply chain. This is where products are stored from their point of origin before its delivery to the business or customer. Why is this important for Florida business owners? Depending on what kind of product you’re shipping, it may have special storing requirements. For instance, dry goods like Idaho potato flakes require a moisture-free environment to remain shelf-stable. In the state of Florida, it can be tough to find a moisture-free environment, even indoors. That’s where GAW Distribution & Trading Company excels. Through our years of experience with different commodities, we’ve listened to our customers and developed different areas of our warehouse for different purposes. From dry good storage to logistics and everything in between, GAW Distribution & Trading’s warehouse can keep your product safe, secure, and to the standards that your customers expect of your products.

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Warehousing And Transportation

Warehousing and distribution come hand in hand. Delivering goods is an important part of the warehousing process. At GAW Distribution & Trading Company we have our own fleet of trucks that allows us to seamlessly integrate shipping and storage services. Gone are the days of worrying about your order, and when it’ll be shipped to your customer. Don’t sweat it - GAW Distribution & Trading Company has got you covered.

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Trust GAW Distribution & Trading Company To Store Your Products In The State Of Florida

If you’re looking for a warehousing and distribution service that considers all of the needs of your business, consider GAW Distribution & Trading Company. We have over 30 years of experience in storing and distributing products throughout the state of Florida. This experience has cemented us as the industry leader in warehousing, transportation, and commodities services in the state. We’ll provide you with top-notch warehousing services, satisfaction guaranteed. Want to learn more about how GAW Distribution & Trading Company can assist you in the warehousing process? Give us a call at 305.953.7700 or contact us online.

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