At GAW Distribution & Trading Company, we have a dedicated fleet for local transportation throughout the state of Florida. If you need goods transported from point A to point B throughout Florida, look to GAW Distribution & Trading Company. As an experienced third-party logistics provider, we know that when shipments are late, your bottom line suffers as a result. Each time we transport products, we do so with a sense of urgency and responsibility as if the products and your business were our own. GAW Distribution & Trading Company’s transportation services have passed the test of time, as we’ve offered transportation services throughout the state of Florida since 1971.

Trucking Transportation

For those that ship goods throughout the state, trucking is an excellent mode of transport. It takes only about half a day at most for our trucks to go anywhere in the state from our warehouse, centrally located in Miami-Dade county. Our trucks can be used to transport goods of any kind. With over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that our transportation services are working tirelessly to meet the needs and deadlines of your business. Consider GAW Distribution & Trading Company to be your trucking transport provider of choice.

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Rail Transportation

GAW Distribution & Trading company has its own CSX rail line specifically of the purpose of transporting the goods of our customers throughout the state of Florida. Train is one of the most reliable forms of transportation for goods, thanks to strict schedules and delivery times laid out by the train line itself. With GAW Distribution & Trading Company by your side, we’ll ensure that each of your deliveries is accounted for and ensure that there’s no money lost in the transportation process. We’re Florida’s number one choice for CSX Rail transportation.

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Drayage Services

We handle all aspects of the product transportation service, including drayage. If your product has arrived at the port and you’re without a way to receive it, consider using our drayage services. We’ll take your product from the port or depot to our warehouse for storing, or even to your business location for immediate use. GAW Distribution & Trading Company has been providing Florida with drayage services for over 30 years, so we’re well versed in the small nuances of the many ports and train depots in the state. Choose GAW Distribution & Trading Company to safely and securely transport your products to and from ports or train depots.

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GAW Distribution & Trading Company Is Florida’s Number One Transportation Service

At GAW, we’ve been providing transportation services throughout the entire state of Florida since 1971. With our warehouse being conveniently located in Miami-Dade County, we can reach much of the state, including the Keys, in about half of a day by truck. Our track record of successful transportation service for several different industries and fields, we’re more than confident in our ability to safely and securely transport your product from point A to point B. want to learn more about our transportation services? Give us a call at 305.953.7700 or contact us online.

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